How can physiotherapy help my dog?

Physiotherapy incorporates manual therapy, electrotherapy and exercise therapy to improve joint movement, increase muscle strength and improve physical function.

Amie uses clinic enrichment and therapeutic handling to engage with your dog and promote natural balanced movement.

When might physiotherapy be beneficial for my dog?

Physiotherapy assessment and treatment may benefit your dog if they have:

  • Sustained a musculoskeletal injury.
  • Been diagnosed with an orthopaedic or neurological condition.
  • Undergone surgery for an orthopaedic or neurological condition.
  • Demonstrated signs of pain such as difficulty performing normal activities like eating and drinking, avoiding play, unwillingness to go for a walk or seeming unable to rest comfortably.

Please click here to download the veterinary referral form.

What happens at an appointment?

Appointments can be arranged at Top Dogs in Lucan, Cottage Vets in Newbridge or in your home. A veterinary referral will need to be completed by your primary registered vet or specialist referral hospital before the initial appointment.

It is a good idea to ensure your dog is as relaxed as possible for the appointment. If you are bringing your dog to the clinic you could bring a blanket or bed of their own for them to lie on. If the appointment is in your home please try to provide a calm space to work in. The appointment will start with a chat to get to know your dog’s history and a bit about their personality. Then, depending on the issue, Amie may assess how your dog moves, check their joint range of movement, assess their strength and balance and palpate for soft tissue pain.

Following assessment a treatment plan tailored for your dog’s needs will be discussed with you. It is important to find a treatment plan that addresses rehabilitation goals but also fits in with your lifestyle. Treatment techniques can include manual therapies like massage or joint mobilisation, electrotherapies such as neuromuscular electrical stimulation and pulsed electromagnetic therapy and exercise therapy which can be land based or include hydrotherapy.